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MidAmerican Energy Company Assembles 379-ft. Concrete Wind Turbine

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MidAmerican Energy is testing an advancement in wind tower design and construction using reinforced concrete these towers reach new heights and potentially new wind resources at 379 ft. from ground to hub, the concrete turbine is more than 100 ft. taller than its neighboring turbines constructed with steel towers see how they construct this wind tower.

Iowa, which already gets more of its power from wind than any other U.S. state, will become more reliant on the electricity source under a $3.6 billion plan announced Thursday by a utility owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc.
MidAmerican Energy Co. said Thursday that it is planning to build up to 2,000 additional megawatts of wind turbines with a goal of generating 85% of its power from wind. The company, based in Des Moines, will use renewable-energy tax credits that Congress extended last December to make the project economically feasible, said MidAmerican Chief Executive Bill Fehrman.

“Because of the tax credits and our ability to deliver these projects at a low cost, we’re setting up our customers for a low-carbon future,” Mr. Fehrman said in an interview. “Whatever happens with carbon regulations…we will be able to meet those requirements without additional costs for customers.”

Thirty-one percent of the power in Iowa is now generated by wind, more than in any other state, according to the American Wind Energy Association, an industry group. MidAmerican’s new project would boost wind’s share to 40%, according to the state.

In absolute terms, Iowa is the nation’s No. 2 wind-power producer, with 6,200 megawatts of wind turbines, behind Texas, according to the group.

MidAmerican is the biggest wind-power producer among regulated utilities nationwide. The company already operates nearly 3,500 megawatts in Iowa, or about 58% of the power it supplies its customers in the state. Parent company Berkshire Hathaway is the third-largest wind-farm owner nationwide, behind NextEra Energy Inc. and Iberdrola SA.

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